What is Pleila? just in case you were wondering

Pleila is a an experiment. Firstly, a social experiment.

Its primary goal is to let people interact with audios and videos, being in the same place and time, either virtually or physically, to build a playlist in a collaborative fashion.

Pleila powers up the platform we use everyday to listen to music, watch news, comedy, the on-demand TV everybody can access on the internet: Youtube. Giving it a twist, making it really social.

In addition to Youtube® videos, SoundCloud® tracks are also available in Pleila jukeboxes, and we're aiming to add other media sources, too.

Pleila was born in a very common and simple context: house parties. The original goal was making a jukebox out of a laptop at a house party, letting all guests choose what to play with their mobile phones.

It turns out house parties aren't the only possible scenario.

Pleila is a lot fun when used by people who are not in the same place, as it makes it feel as they are. I use Pleila with friends who live far away and it's so fun we're doing it everyday, listening and watching the same thing as if we were in the same place, back-to-back'ing tracks just like if we're together in the same room playing records spinning on turntables.

Now, Pleila is out, and it's all yours! It's in beta: it doesn't only mean there are plenty of bugs to fix :) But also, that it's a continuous work in progress, and we want to bring up new features around users and their needs. Essentially, around you.

We'd like to hear from you as much as possible to turn Pleila into the media sharing platform we've all been waiting for ages. Drop an email to [email protected] with your questions, feature requests, bugs to report, everything.

Let's play together.